All For Nothing
Lyrics by Amy Griffiths

The light from your bedroom window
Spreads out across the lawn
And when morning comes
Will they notice that you're gone
But wandering the streets takes you nowhere
You know you'll wind up back at home
Where the loaded guns
Are waiting to explode

You have to get out on your own
Comb the tangles from your hair
You're gonna find the ones
Who love you and who care
The car pulled away from the yard
No one saw but me
I couldn't see out of the window
Because the rain had washed my eyes away

And oh - there must be something wrong
With the way we see things
Rumors will destroy our lives
When things seem all right
What it all comes down to
Is we are what we want to be
We're reaching out for something
But is it all for nothing

You hit the road at midnight
Empty highways guide your way
You'll get somewhere
By the break of day
And speed is such a thrill
It puts your troubles out to sea
But your troubles will be over
If you cease to be