Psychologic Genocide
Lyrics by Amy Griffiths

Nervous in the dark they sit and wait
For the soldiers to come and take them away
They don't need any warning to know
They won't be back home soon

The early evening fog is penetrating
The guns of soldiers who lie waiting
There won't be any fighting now
The army's in control

The terrorists and anarchists
Will soon be put on hold
In order to save the children
They must flee the psychologic genocide

Young Michael Mullen has lost his brother
He cries in fear for his broken mother
To the sound of bullets
Ripping through the plaster walls

The bottom of the staircase lies in sight
And he crawls on the carpet - out of the light
While the war continues on the streets
It's what he's come to know
He soon discovers that the army's
Blocking Fall's End Road
He must avoid the conflict of
His death or psychologic genocide

There won't be any fighting now
The army's in control
The children and their sanity
Will soon be put on hold

And hiding in the dark
Is Michael Mullen all alone
No one there to free him from
The threat of psychologic genocide

"There is no present or future - only the past,
happening over and over again - now."

- Eugene O'Neill, A Moon for the Misbegotten.