Too Many Walls
Lyrics by Amy Griffiths

The darkness - it closes in
Too many walls - no light seeps in
The doors unlocked - to walk outside
Can't find us - can't hide inside
The four walls - the four walls
The four walls - where tremors break
The passion slides - the earth, it quakes
The four walls ... too many walls

If the pressure builds tonight
Don't be alarmed at my excitement
I can handle it myself if I'm alone
There's a man outside who knows
What's going on inside
And if he pressures you too much
He'll surely blow your mind
Too many walls for the passionate kind
Wailing under siege when no one's there
Soldiers of your thoughts
Battle it out within
Trying to smash the four walls
That keep your soul fenced in
If spitting in the fire brings a hiss of smoke
Then dying must mean that life is just a joke

Too many walls (in your heart)
Destroying laughter (severed apart)
The vision's gone - but the dream's still there
Break the silence (with a cry)
Impending darkness (will pass you by)
Break the walls that hold you down
(Too many walls you've found.)

Rushing water in the darkness
Sweeping by a rotted carcass
Mixing life with death in nightmare scenes
But the four walls you've built inside
Are the same except that nothings died
But your heart, your soul, your tears
And all your dreams
Recovered from a recent killing
Your eyes are wild, your voice is chilling
But your hands betray a slight discrepancy

Your knuckles white from withheld fright
No longer free to see the light
But the walls will break
And soon your eyes will see

Shaken but never down
You can't believe the things you've found
Locked within the attic of your mind
But you'll build the walls again and again
Until your soul, it reaches to the end
Of the rope that will unravel throughout time
Clearing debris from the ruins
You smile and see your own undoing
And shake your fist at the one who penned you in
But the rules have all been clearly defined
A lifetime and you'll still be blind
To the fact that you're the one who did you in

Tear down the four walls
Nowhere to begin
Too many walls seal the darkness
Breakdown from within