Bed Without Blankets
Lyrics by Tom Tucker

Is the living so easy
When the pain is a blanket
I close my eyes to the living
My blood left cold from the panic
And who are you to go there
When the elders forbade it
You dropped the glove, clutched the hankerchief
Don't you kmow any better

I see the men talk of hatrid
Such a horrid invention
They hide behind their pretentions
I'm afraid to see clearly

Before today I took comfort
In a bed without blankets
It's such a painless existence
Left behind in the future
But "have faith" they will tell me
I wish that I was so clvver
To speak in meaningless riddles
Can you not understand me

As I await the arrival
A guarantee of salvation
I fear the final temptation
The road to certain extinction

You all may laugh but I'm sorry
You haven't done any better
And when you laugh at the fighting
Can't you do any better
Can't you do any better

The frightful spirits that chase us
Don't they know where we're hiding
With which beliefs are we siding
Perhaps they know all the better

I seek and some how find comfort
In the bed without blankets
I'm not alone i can feel it
I'm only waiting for summer
I say the living is worth it
Only when it is ended
Why else would death be so easy
And we so quick to forget it