London Trains
Lyrics by Amy Griffiths

Tears fall on this letter
Saying it's for better
These tears have more to show
Than the rain that falls on the window

I pull my coat around me as I walk outside
The rain beats down and blinds in my mind
The headlights flashing, passing by
Makes the rain shine silver in my eyes
It's no place for the living on this lonely, cold winter's night

It's a rainy night in London
But the trains run on time
You can look out at the streetlights passing by

There's a cafe on the corner where I sit a while
You didn't even argue, didn't put up a fight
I walk out on Trafalgar Square
Once a young boy left me standing there
But it took a man to say he didn't care

CHORUS: repeat

I ride alone on a westbound train
The day-glo eyes stare inside my brain
A young man steps into the aisle
Says hello with a smile
Asks for a light and begs me wipe my tears dry

CHORUS: repeat