Time After Time
Lyrics by Glenn Poorman

The world you're in means nothing
In this land of take take take
The charges that you've brought mean nothing to me
Here in the land of make believe
We think that we have all the answers
So take the dive, we're with you all the way
Decisions oh decisions that we've made and still regret
We love, oh yes we love you to death
We've come upon a cul de sac
And now there is no turning back
Some come on in, the water's fine
We'll all go down together

Time after time
I've been kicked from behind
But I'll never stay down for count
Time after time
We will kill for a dime
But I'll draw the line this time

The rain comes down and I'm still calm
I know I hold the strings
The numbers grow larger every day
If ever there's a time to cry
I'll never find the answer why
But who will shed the tears
When we all end up together

CHORUS: repeat

If you'd like to find the truth
Please don't come to me
Because I'll only tell you some lies
Then I'll tear off your disguise

CHORUS: repeat