2021 Digital Download

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Glenn Poorman - Stick®s, guitars, synthesizers, piano, bass

All songs written by Glenn Poorman

All Songs ©2021, Glenn Poorman
All Rights reserved.

Recorded in Michigan

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Glenn Poorman

Front cover artwork by Amy Griffiths
Original front cover photo by Aleksa Coffey

Glenn would like to thank Greg Howard for always being a
phone call away during the mixing and mastering process, Amy
Griffiths for her brilliant artwork, and Emmett Chapman for
his ongoing support. Glenn would also like to thank Aleksa Coffey
and Matas Lukasiewicz for their contributions.

The bulk of the recording for this release was done in the 121normal
studio's newest home in Leelanau County, Michigan. While the songs
themselves are a mix of new and remakes of old, they are all original
and these newest recordings drew much inspiration from the surroundings
where they were recorded.