2011 Chapman Stick Workshop

Where is Interlochen?

Interlochen is located in the town of Interlochen, Michigan about 15 miles southwest of Traverse City. That's also about 250 miles northwest of Detroit and about 300 miles northeast of Chicago. The campus is nestled right in between the shores of Duck Lake and Green Lake across from Interlochen State Park. The street address for the main campus is:
4000 Highway M-137
Interlochen, MI 49643
Traverse City is a large metro area and does have an airport. Use the airport code TVC to book your flights. There is also the option of flying to Detroit or Chicago and then renting a car for the four or five hour drive. Flights to those major airports are generally cheaper so this might offer a small cost savings if you can find some other people to go in on the car with.

For anyone in the midwest area, the best solution will likely be to drive and I suggest mapping out your route online as there are several alternatives depending on where you're coming from.